Sterne und Autobahnen

I’m off to the Writers’ Bloc gig tonight.

Sterne und Autobahnen is at the Spiegeltent, Charlotte Square Edinburgh, starting 9 pm.

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  1. Denis Cullinan

    Hi Jack–

    Man, I sure miss Edinburgh. I have fond memories going back to 1984 when my wife and my six-year-old daughter and I saw it for the first time. Then years later my daughter parachutes into Embro Uni for a master’s degree and nails down her new-found Scottish identity by marrying a Scot. She and her husband now live a short way from me and wifey now. Her hubbby is one of the cleverest men I’ve ever met, and in this country he would have gone to university and copped any amount of advanced degrees as a matter of course. But…different strokes.

  2. jackdeighton

    Nice to hear from you again Denis,
    I assume your son-in-law has done alright, though, (well obviously with your daughter) but he’s got a job and so on.

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