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The Culture Collider

The Culture Collider

Writers’ Bloc’s latest show is in connection with the Edinburgh Science Festival.

THE CULTURE COLLIDER will be switched on at the Red Lecture Theatre, Summerhall, on Sunday 13 April from 8.00pm.

I’ve been out of the loop on this due to my house move so this notice is a bit late.

Here’s the blurb:-

The Writers’ Bloc laboratory of writers brings an evening’s tales of science and surprises to detonate the cultural divide, an exploration of weird science and stranger arts.

Experiment dangerously with:

* An investment queen of the City obsessed with appearances. Will she live happily ever after?
* A musician who refuses recordings — a long playing career?
* Environmental self sufficiency — is it literally a dead end?

From literary travellers of strange worlds in deep space, to ghostly doings that defy rational explanation, and high-tech culinary labs where eating becomes a surprisingly emotional experience.

Discover the results of dodgy methodologies and dubious motives. Join Writers’ Bloc as it studies two cultures in one Petri dish.

Writers appearing at The Culture Collider will include:
Andrew C. Ferguson, Gavin Inglis, Halsted M. Bernard, Stuart Wallace, Hannu Rajaniemi, Stefan Pearson and Bram E. Gieben.

Plus your host for the evening, Andrew J. Wilson.

Writers’ Bloc on Real Radio

Last night was spent at Writers’ Bloc’s Hallowe’en gig at the Scottish Storytelling Centre – a great venue with plush seating.

The audience was regaled with a collection of tales, all well received.

A reporter from Real Radio (I didn’t catch her name) was there too and interviewed several contributors for a show scheduled to go out on Saturday (2nd Nov) either from 12-1 pm or 1-2 pm – around midday anyway, should you wish to tune in.

She had a microphone that served as a data recorder. She thought it might be on the blink so also recorded her interviews on her mobile phone, for back-up. It seems the quality is not affected. Modern life!

Writers’ Bloc Annual Halloween Show

Don’t forget Writers’ Bloc’s annual autumn gig this year takes place tomorrow, 30 October, 2013 starting 7:30 pm.

Entitled The Year of Unnatural Scotland the venue is:-
Scottish Storytelling Centre
43-45 High Street

Tomorrow’s a day early for Hallowe’en, but still.

The Year of Unnatural Scotland

Writers’ Bloc traditional autumn show is this year titled The Year of Unnatural Scotland.

It will take place, starting 7.30 pm, on Wednesday, 30th October 2013 at:-
Scottish Storytelling Centre,
43-45 High Street,

“Even the Year of Natural Scotland has a dark side. Writers’ Bloc celebrates Scotland’s outstanding unnnatural strangeness in this evening of new fiction. For these modern urban storytellers, Halloween is traditionally the time when the stuff that doesn’t make it into the glossies slithers to the edge of your vision. From stunning unnatural and historic terrors, to art inspired by supernature, to wildlife from your worst nightmares. Don’t miss the chance to experience the great Scottish outdoors before it comes into your house after you.”

England 3-2 Scotland Versus Writers’ Bloc

International Friendly, Wembley Stadium, 14/8/13

I didn’t see this as I was attending Sterne und Autobahnen* last night (see last post but one.)

By all accounts there were signs of promise.

I’d like to think, though, that in a European Championship or World Cup qualifier away from home we would not twice lose a lead. This is Scotland however: it will most certainly happen.

*The Writers’ Bloc gig went well, John Lemke’s and Poppy Ackroyd’s music – thoroughly modern for the most part, not my usual listening – was good and expertly performed, the story to accompany it entertained and was well read. The good lady and I may even have got a taste for tripping to Edinburgh for an evening.

Sterne und Autobahnen

I’m off to the Writers’ Bloc gig tonight.

Sterne und Autobahnen is at the Spiegeltent, Charlotte Square Edinburgh, starting 9 pm.

Writers’ Bloc – with Music!

Writers’ Bloc’s latest gig is .. a gig! Complete with music.

Unlike most word and music collaborations though, this time the words were written to complement the music rather than the more usual configuration familiar from film and television.

The musicians are John Lemke and Poppy Ackroyd and the event is titled Sterne und Autobahnen.

It takes place on Wednesday (14th Aug) at the Spiegeltent, Charlotte Square, Edinburgh, starting at 9 pm.

Entry is free!

Writers' Bloc Hits the Airwaves

If you want a taster for the Writers’ Bloc performance due at the Bongo Club, Holyrood Road, Edinburgh, tomorrow night (31/10/12) then check out this link to BBC Radio Scotland’s Book Café which I’m told features some extracts from the show.

I’ve been working late tonight so haven’t yet had time to listen myself …

But then of course I intend to be at the show (even though I’m not reading anything.)

Writers' Bloc Performance Reminder

Don’t forget the evening of literary necromancy on Wednesday (31st October) brought to you by Writers’ Bloc.

I append the following warning from the venue’s website.

Not suitable for those of a nervous disposition. A daring, dangerous and diabolical show for Halloween.

Doors open at the Bongo Club, Edinburgh at 7 pm. Entry £4 with concessions at £3.

Séance Fiction

Writers’ Bloc Presents:-





Doors – 7pm

Show – 7:30PM-10PM, £4 (£3)

WARNING: This show contains literary necromancy.

Not suitable for those of a nervous disposition.

WRITERS’ BLOC is Edinburgh’s premier spoken-word performance group, with a ten-year legacy of innovative and entertaining shows showcasing some of the capital’s foremost fiction writers. Recent shows include: Electric Lit Orchestra, part of the Edinburgh International Book Festival’s Unbound strand; Brave New Words at the Edinburgh Science Festival; and FANtasia at Eastercon, the British National Science Fiction Convention, in London. Other events have ranged from Mr Big Society to The Slime of Miss Jean Brodie, and Doyle M for Murder (part of the Edinburgh UNESCO City of Literature programme).

Now in preparation is a daring, dangerous and diabolical show for Halloween.

In the months running up to All Hallows’ Eve, the members of Writers’ Bloc have been contacting the spirits of the dead – invoking the shades of literary giants, and using spirit guides to produce terrifying tales of The Other Side.

On Halloween, Writers’ Bloc invites you to a thrilling live séance at The Bongo Club. Using black magic and cutting-edge technology, Bloc will command the dead to speak, or at least tip some literary tables over. You will see them rise from the grave, and catch a thrilling glimpse of the ghosts, demons and bogles who reside beyond this mortal coil.

Come and witness the birth of a new literary movement: SÉANCE FICTION. You can also find us on Facebook.

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