Kirkcaldy Sea Wall

In December there must have been quite a big storm as the upper part of a portion of Kirkcaldy’s sea wall disappeared. Barriers were erected to prevent the public getting too close.

Barriers Kirkcaldy Prom

Barriers Kirkcaldy Prom

This photo shows a rusted spar which was part of the lost concrete’s reinforcement.

Rusted Spar on Broken Sea Wall, Kirkcaldy

And this shows another.

Exposed Rusted Spike Reinforcement

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  1. Denis Cullinan

    Here in the New York area, sea walls get knocked down by the dozen. They really don’t work when you get a really serious storm. Since hurricane Sandy, there’s been talk about building sea barriers (the kind that Holland uses) that you can open (in good weather) and close (during a bad storm). Cost: a mere 30 billion dollars, but the city government doesn’t want to shell out that amount of money, even though Sandy caused over 80 billion in damage. This is being penny wise and pound foolish.

  2. jackdeighton

    Yes, Denis.
    Thank goodness we don’t get that kind of storm over here.
    This one has stood for 90 years so not too bad I suppose.
    There have been repairs. Photos to come.

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