Happy Hogmanay?

A couple of supermarkets – Morrisons and, I think, Sainsbury’s – I visited between Christmas and the New Year had signs up saying, “Happy Hogmanay.”

Happy Hogmanay?

No-one ever says that.*

My local Tesco made a better fist of it. Their sign – above the alcholic drinks isle, natch – said, “Celebrate Hogmanay,” which is more like it. But even then drink isn’t usually taken till after the bells, by which time Hogmanay is past.

So, now it’s here.

Happy New Year.

* Edited to add: except, oddly, Catriona Shearer and Craig Hill on Scotland’s Hogmanay Live last night.

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  1. Denis Cullinan

    My son-in-law must be the only Scot in all of this city, the hard-to-be-patient-with New York. So he never says Happy Mogmanay to anyone. I just bought him one of the few bottles of Irn-Bru in New York as a present. Irn-Bru is a Scottish soft drink with a bright orange color and tastes like bubble gum. Go figure already.

  2. jackdeighton

    Irn Bru used to be sold here in Scotland under the slogan, “Your Other National Drink,” – the first being whisky I suppose. It’s said to be a cure for hangovers but is very popular with youngsters for its fizziness.

  3. Denis Cullinan

    What I like about Scotland is that even the tough guys are nice. There’ll be a huge seven-foot-tall Scot, three sheets to the wind and singing loud and off key, but if he bumps into you, he says “Sorry!” in a very apologetic and polite voice.

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