Friday On My Mind 72: RIP Jon Lord. Hush

Sad news about Jon Lord.

I confess I wasn’t much into Deep Purple but I did first hear them in the 60s when they released the Joe South song Hush, which while not a hit in the UK reached no. 4 in the US.

I also remember Emmaretta as a single and of course Black Night and Strange Kind of Woman made the top ten in the early 70s.

Their album title The Book of Taliesyn always intrigued me but I it’s not one I remember ever hearing. Deep Purple In Rock however was unavoidable. If you didn’t have it yourself someone in your group of friends would. Speed King and Child in Time were especially well regarded.

I hadn’t remembered Hush as having so much of Lord’s organ playing in it. But it does so it seemed appropriate.

Deep Purple: Hush

Jonathan Douglas Lord:- 9/6/1941 – 16/7/2012. So it goes.

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