Edinburgh’s Art Deco Heritage 6. Comely Bank Road

We were in Edinburgh on Saturday and walked along Comely Bank Road, near Stockbridge but going west.

I’d always thought the houses there were in thirties style but since I usually drive along there hadn’t noticed the corner shop fronts.

This is a close up on the frontage of the shop which corners on Comely Bank Road and Learmonth Grove. Its deco features are obvious.

Close-up on Shop on corner of Learmonth Grove and Comey Bank Road, Edinburgh.

Below is the corner of Comely Bank Road and Learmonth Avenue. The shop in Learmonth Avenue (Shaw’s Fine Meats) still has thirties style windows.

Two Art Deco shops Edinburgh

Next is part of Learmonth Avenue in a view from the opposite side from the above.

Learmonth Avenue, Edinburgh

Clearly thirties. Note the long vertical windows on the stairwells. (Though the shops shown here have been “modernised”.)

This is one of the vertical windows on Comely Bank Road itself. I photographed this one because it’s been painted green.

Art Deco Vertical Window

A couple more photos from Saturday are in my Edinburgh Art Deco flickr set.

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