Friday On My Mind 29: Pictures Of Matchstick Men

Full blown psychedelia from Status Quo?

Well, yes.

For this was how they announced themselves to the world in 1968. As apparently fully paid up members of the flower power tendency – complete with (short) styled hair, kaftan type jackets and phasing. And not a three chord boogie in sight – or sound.

They might have had more success initially if the follow-up single hadn’t been almost a carbon copy of Matchstick Men and so cheerily titled, Black Veils Of Melancholy. However that might have led to them breaking up and disappearing.

Another hit did come with the still psychedelia tinged Ice In The Sun later the same year (and a minor one with the more ballad-like Are You Growing Tired Of My Love? a few months on.)

It wasn’t till they covered (fruitlessly) the Everly Brothers hit The Price Of Love that they hit on the style they become known and loved/reviled for. Down The Dustpipe (1970) continued to show their inclinations but it was Paper Plane (1971) and Caroline (1973) that cemented them.

Status Quo: Pictures Of Matchstick Men

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