Hopes, Wishes And Dreams

It seems Bolton Wanderers fans by and large want their new manager, Owen Coyle – a Sons legend, well, a fond memory – to usher in a new era of bright, expansive football to expunge memories of Gary Megson’s grafting and Sam Allardyce’s pragmatism. (We draw a veil over Sammy Lee’s tenure.)

While I’m all for bright, expansive, expressive football – Dumbarton have a tradition of being a passing side, not just lump it and run merchants – I don’t want it to be at the expense of our divisional status.

Allardyce managed to establish Bolton firmly in the Premier League and even qualified for Europe. Surely that, and the odd cup run, is the most a club of Bolton’s size and history can aspire to? It is arguably, overachieving (Nat Lofthouse and the 1950s FA Cup win notwithstanding.)

The style Coyle promoted at Burnley is by no means guaranteed to ensure their survival and might, indeed, still entail relegation.

Be careful what you wish for, my friends.

Both clubs may well be in the same division next year.

But which one?

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