Winter In Kirkcaldy

Well, a snow that lies more than a day or so is a rarity in these parts. It’s getting on for three weeks now and a further covering arrived this morning.

I finally got to the park today, to see the goings on.

A nice tribute to the human spirit that so much activity was taking place and fun being had in the face of what others were moaning about.

Ignored warning.

It wasn’t worth the council’s time erecting this sign.

A curling match.

Not quite a bonspiel but the local curlers were enjoying themselves.

Impromptu ice hockey.

An ice hockey game with a goal cobbled together from bits of wood.

Last watering hole; with gulls.

The last saloon in town. The inlet to the pond has kept enough water moving to stop it freezing here. The gulls were making a nuisance of themselves.

There were lots of skaters about too. All the revellers had had to brush the snow off the ice to get started.

This is the fountain further into the park. There was still water flowing from it despite the cold.

Winter fountain.

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  1. bigrab

    Nice photos Jack, however I feel that those of people enjoying themselves on the ice should be passed to the authorities.

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