Confederations Cup (5) USA 2 Brazil 3

Ellis Park Stadium, Johannesburg

Cracking final.
USA rocked a poor Brazil back on their heels first half and were well worth the two goal lead. The early goal second half put the writing on the wall, though, and it was all Brazil from then on. So in the end the world wasn€’t turned upside down.

The US are good when they have eleven men on the park. The rest of us are stuffed if mainstream US ever takes proper football to its heart over their own version, baseball and basketball. Or if China gets its football act together.

One remark from the commentators: “England really don’€™t have anything to fear next year,”€ – Mark Bright.
Oh, dear.

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  1. neilw

    It was a great final. I’m still stunned at how the USA managed to turn themselves around from being dreadful in their first two games (and not just because they lost men through ill discipline) to beating Egypt and Spain on the bounce and then taking Brazil all the way.

    That comment at the end there. I noticed it too, and put my head in my hands.

    Oh dear, indeed.

  2. jackdeighton

    I thought the US were outplaying Italy till the sending off and even then Italy didn’t show much till Rossi spanked his goal in. (I didn’t see the US game against Brazil.)
    And English commentators: don’tcha just hate them?

  3. neilw

    Well, I thought the US were giving a good showing against Italy, but it’s Italy – they let you try and come and play against them. They were allowed to make chances and when they didn’t take enough of them the Italians stepped up and finished the game off. Against Brazil they were chasing shadows, giving a lot of ball away, and getting caught out on the break. Repeatedly. It was quite astounding the way they improved their discipline and shape and cut out the mistakes against Egypt, etc. But good on them.

    English commentators, well, not all of them, but there is that tendency. They’re doing it now with Andy Murray – not so much “claiming him as British” or anything – but the disrespect to the opponents is bad enough.

  4. Jim Steel

    Missed it – but are you telling us that John Motson hasn’t retired after all? 🙁

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