Scotland’s Art Deco Heritage 7. Nardini’s Café Largs

I caught an item on Reporting Scotland last night to the effect that Nardini’s Café in Largs has reopened. After some time in restoration the upgrade has been completed and the new facade and interior looked brilliant. Unfortunately the programme wasn’t available on the iPlayer when I checked and I don’t have pictures of the redevelopment which, if anything, is even more Art Deco than before it closed.

Here’s a view of the dilapidated door when the place was out of business, however.

Nardini Cafe

Check out the picture here for a view in its former glory.

The refurbishment was reported by the BBC in 2006.

The original opening was in 1935.

It seemed a bit strange for an establishment that was famous for ice cream to be reopening in the middle of December but there were delays in completion. It also sold/sells fish and chips and is a café so they’ve got that to fall back on till the summer and the ice cream trade builds up.

None of the original Nardini family is involved in the new venture but I wish it well.

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