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Shoreline of Infinity 8: Summer 2017

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Starting with the fiction:
In The Pink Life (La Vie En Rose)1 by Nathan Susnik everything is connected. iPerceive mediates Lauren van Kamp’s everyday life, monitoring her serotonin levels and whatnot while overlaying the real world with a “happy” veneer. Only when things go wrong can she begin to forge a human connection.
Laura Duerr’s eponymous The Black Tide2 is an infestation of black jelly-fish every harvest Moon. Ingested, they either kill you or confer immortality. The story is written well enough but as soon as you think about its scenario it instantly falls apart. Our narrator has apparently forgotten the phenomenon before, on just that day, she brings her unknowing college friends to the seaside town where she grew up. Really? And how would such an annual event – and its consequences – ever be kept secret?
The Starchitect by Barry Charman is again eponymous – the woman commissioned to build for a client an environment inside a star.
Goddess with a Human Heart3 by Jeanette Ng takes as its starting point Aztec belief and ceremonial. A young girl awaits the sacrificial donation of her heart to the Goddess. The high priest, whom the girl had earlier saved from drowning, has other ideas.
These Are the Ways by Premee Mohamed is a standard military SF tale which, like so many of these things, valorises a useless death.
In Arthur Kovic’s Days of Change4 by Michael Teasdale the mundane unchanging life of the titular Kovic quietly morphs around him.
Targets5 by Eric Brown presents a solution to any pote ntial problem with overpopulation. People are randomly selected to be tattooed with a hologram that allows police to kill you at their whim. Both the narrator’s wife and his son are so marked.
In SF Caledonia: Chris Kelso, editor Noel Chidwick6 outlines said writer’s output so far and conducts an email interview7 with him by way of introduction to:-
The Folger Variation8 by Chris Kelso an extract from a novella which is a breathless sort of read about a guy being pursued by a murderer but his grandfather’s time machine may allow him to prevent all that.
The Beachcomber9 by Mark Toner and Stephen Pickering (Toner seems to have picked up a co-writer for his graphic story) sees a new recruit to the interplanetary police force undertake his first day.
As to the non-fiction:
In Noise and Sparks: The Legend of the Kick-Arse Wise Woman, Ruth EJ Booth outlines the steps by which she realised she could write now without waiting for permission.
Reviews has Henry Northmorea liking but finding some flaws in All the Galaxies by Philip Miller, Eris Youngb bemoans the novella length of The Last Days of New Paris by China Miéville, wanting more body, and really dislikes the author’s use of an afterword as a mea non culpa, Iain Maloney finds Yoon Ha Lee’s Raven Stratagem better than its predecessor, (in my recollection that wouldn’t be hard,) Benjamin Thomasc delights in Rupert Wong and the Ends of the Earthd, Duncan Lunane says Michael Cobley’s Ancestral Machines is rollicking good fun but perhaps relies too much on knowledge of a TV series called Firefly, Katie Gray is unconvinced by the central premise of The List by Patricia Forde while still enjoying it and Ian Hunterf is “in safe hands” with Tom Lloyd’s Stranger of Tempest (though from the sound of it I would run a mile,) while in Multiverse, Russell Jones welcomes more space in the mag for SF poetry, with two poems each from Lauren Harwyng, Louise Peterkinh and Colin McGuirei.

1Written in USian. “why in God’s name, would you want to turn it off?” (doesn’t need the comma,) Niagra Falls (Niagara,) vactionday (context suggests vacationday,) lay (lie.) “It this some….” (Is this.) St. Johnson (I read this as Saint; it was Sergeant,) wretch (retch,) coco (cocoa – spelled correctly later,) Stg Johnson (Sgt,) “just with different constances” (context implies consistencies.) 2Written in USian. 3“the deities would cast off the mortal skins they wore and revealed themselves to their followers” (reveal; the sense – and tense – of that “would” carries over,) Goddess’ (x 3, Goddess’s,) “I remember the, polluted waters” (that comma has no place there.) “A shock of glass cables and feathers frame the fragmented shapes” (a shock frames the shapes.) “I did not expect that,” “I did not want to use the word” (rest of story is in present tense, “do not,”) “The twinning hold of his legs” (twining?) “so he knocked him from of the firmament” (from of??? Either “from” or “of” not both.) 4Written in USian, mother-in-laws (mothers-in-law,) stationary (stationery,) “a collection of wiggling green beans glare accusingly up at him” (a collection glares,) inside of it (inside it.) “Things that, at first, appear to be a familiar blend and morph into” (at first appear to be familiar, blend and morph into.) “A succession of people wander in and out” (a succession wanders.) 5“Time interval later” count: 1. 6 “(edited with Hal Duncan, ” (this parenthesis should close here but there is no final bracket,) a missing full stop after 2016, Chris’ (x2, Chris’s,) “would lend you to believe” (usually it’s “would lead you to believe”.) 7parents evening (parents’,) bogeys (bogies, as it appeared 12 lines above.) “You get to pick a cool front cover” (Not in my experience, you don’t,) “a real shot to the arm” (the phrase is “shot in the arm”.) “I have a ak of esoteric horror stories” (a ak ???) 8Kelso is Scottish so quite why this seven page extract is riddled with USianisms – railroad, real (really,) ass (arse,) off of – is beyond me, a missing full stop at the end of the first section, protégée (the character is male so protégé.) 9thundered (the other verbs are in present tense; so, thunders.)
aantonymous (autonomous; though I suppose it could have been meant as a portmanteau word with antagonistic,) “devoted his life too” (to,) riveting (rivetting,) bnazi (Nazi,) Jack Parsons’ (Parsons’s.) ccolor (colour.) dIn a quote from the book “a tangle of nerves worm from beneath” (a tangle worms from.) eSlartibardfast (isn’t it Slartibartfast?) amd (and.) f“about to rescue of a damsel” (no “of” required.) g Written in USian. h“sows ears” (sows’,) “Dunes sprawling dynasty” (Dune’s.) igalavant (gallivant.)

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