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I couldn’t help recognising the scene in this photo from Saturday’s Guardian Review:-


It was illustrating an ensemble piece about various writers’ relationship with Europe.

The photo brought back memories of that wonderful trip we took down (and up) the River Douro from just that jetty in the picture and which I featured in this post:-

aBuildings 20 yacht  river bank

And this one:-

Porto Buildings from Bank of River Douro

Curiously an item on Reporting Scotland on Thursday? night about the trip of Rangers to Porto for a Europa League* game also showed scenes of the same jetty. Synchronicity.


The Saltire Scottish Book of the Year Award

This award is supported by Creative Scotland.

This year’s winner and the Saltire Scottish Fiction Book of the Year surprised me.

It was The Book of Strange New Things by Michel Faber (whose name Sally Magnusson on Reporting Scotland pronounced as Michael. Is that how he does so?)

My review of it is here.

As Oppressed as Southern Blacks?

How pressured as a minority do Catholics in Scotland feel when every utterance of their spokesperson is trumpeted by BBC Scotland as an event of major importance as this assertion was on Tuesday?

Just wondering.

(The comparison of this oppression with that of blacks in the US in the 1960s was yesterday described as insulting.)

Poppy Watch

This is the earliest I’ve noted poppy wearing since my blog started. For the record the posts were on 28/10/08, 23/10/09, 23/10/10 and 6/11/11.

This is only October 17th.

And who was it this year?

Why, none other than our esteemed First Minister, Wee Eck, otherwise known as Alex Salmond, on the lunchtime BBC Scotland news commenting on the green light finally being given to the Aberdeen by-pass. On the evening Reporting Scotland a local Aberdeen councillor was also shown with one.

It’s over three weeks till Remembrance Day. I do think they could at least wait until November.

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