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War Graves, Muckhart

Muckhart is a collective term for two small villages in Clackmannanshire, Yetts o’ Muckhart and Pool of Muckhart. Both of these are near to Cowden Garden but unlike the garden are on the main A 91 road.

I found these graves in Muckhart Parish Church graveyard in Pool of Muckhart, which has a lovely situation below the Ochil Hills.

Serjeant W Cairns, Royal Engineers, 30/11/1918.

War Grave Muckhart

Lieutenant J D Cairns, B Sc, CA, 54th L A A Regt, R A, (Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders) Territorial Army,18/3/1946, aged 42:-

War Grave, Muckhart

I suppose these may have been father and son.

One of the other gravestones contained dedications to two brothers, Gunner James Petrie, Royal Field Artillery, died of wounds, 5/4/1918, aged 26.
Private David Petrie, Black Watch, killed in action, July 2nd, aged 20.

War Inscriptions, Muckhart Grave

War Memorial, Pool of Muckhart

Pool of Muckhart War Memorial

We took a trip to Clackmannanshire on Saturday.

On the way the good lady noticed the War Memorial in Pool Of Muckhart so coming back I stopped and photographed it.

It’s a nice one made from a big block of stone.

The first name on it is of a Brigadier General, one W Scott-Moncrieff. I cannot recall ever seeing the name of someone with such a high rank on a War Memorial before.

Click on the photo for a larger version.

By the way if you think Pool Of Muckhart is a weird name for a village then try the next one along, going eastwards on the A 91. It’s weirder. It’s called Yetts O’ Muckhart.

Muckhart apparently means pig-height. There may have been pig farms on the hill at one time. A yett is a gate.

Edited to add: There’s a list of the names on the memorial here – though Muckhart is mis-spelled as Muchart – and also some details of Brig Gen Scott-Moncrieff’s military career, more of which can be seen on this site. The Brig General’s grave is in Turkey.

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