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Not Friday On My Mind 33: Do I Still Figure in Your Life?

Firstly, a piece of English whimsy typical of Honeybus, which I have mentioned before.

Like last week’s offering – (Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay – Honeybus’s version of this Pete Dello song has brackets in its title.

Honeybus: (Do I Figure) in Your Life?

Joe Cocker reworked it in his own distinctive way – with title slightly amended, and no brackets. In Cocker’s hands the song has a totally different feel.

Joe Cocker: Do I Still Figure in Your Life?

Friday On My Mind 51: She Sold Blackpool Rock

The unusually named group Honeybus made most impression on the public consciousness with the single I Can’t Let Maggie Go not so much due to the fact that it was a hit but more that the song was later used in an advert for Nimble, a type of bread for slimmers, which is apparently still going.

Honeybus did not have as much success as perhaps they deserved. They mined that understated, almost fey, very English, wistful, pastoral sound much like Nick Drake.

The group first came to my attention with a previous single Do I Still Figure In Your Life? which is worth a listen.

The follow up to “Maggie,” Girl Of Independent Means had a much jauntier sound, video embedded here for comparison pusposes.

Honeybus: Girl Of Independent Means

The next single, She Sold Blackpool Rock, is the best of the lot. It has a harder edge and is, in parts, reminiscent of Donovan’s Atlantis.

Honeybus: She Sold Blackpool Rock

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