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Vehicles at Bletchley Park

A couple of the exhibits at Bletchley Park related to the film Enigma. (I see from that link that the model submarine used in the film was also donated to Bletchley Park. This may be the model which is near the car park and can be seen in the third photo in this post.)

Austin 18 Ambulance:-

Austin Ambulance Information Board, Bletchley Park

Austin Ambulance, Bletchley Park

Sunbeam Talbot (note “blackout” headlights):-

Sunbeam Talbot Information Board, Bletchley Park

Sunbeam Talbot, Bletchley Park

As I recall this Packard saloon car was used by Bletchley operatives if they had to travel about the country. A lot of the messages from listening stations were carried to Bletchley by motor bike – see photos on the wall behind the Packard:-

Packard Saloon Car, Bletchley Park

This is one of the sentry boxes where the despatch riders would have to check in:-

Bletchley Park Sentry Box

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