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A Heron at Bridge of Allan

Whenever we’re in Bridge of Allan we always take a stroll up to and across the road bridge over the Allan Water. There’s nearly always a heron on the weir or on this wooden construction above the sluice gate. It must be a good spot for hunting.

Heron, Bridge of Allan

Heron at Bridge of Allan

Scotland’s Art Deco Heritage 23: Bridge of Allan!

This is the Allan Water Café. Quite a few of Scotland’s rivers are named something Water, (the Leithen Water is an example, and there is also of course the Water of Leith.) Though the river is only a few tens of metres away to the left of the photos you don’t actually see it when driving over the bridge as the parapet is too high for that.

Anyway the café has a typical 30s café frontage. This is from further along the road. Note the detailing above the windows and door. The more modern extension to the right (not in photo) isn’t deco but was full of customers when I took this.

Allan Water Café from right

The facade has pronounced deco features; horizontals and verticals emphasised in the glazing, nice detailing above the door. It seems to have been an addition to the front of an older house.

Allan Water Café Front view

More detailing above the window and door of the furthest left portion of the building complex.

Allan Water Café close view to left

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