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Friday on my Mind 151: A Touch Of Velvet – A Sting Of Brass

A track by Mark Wirtz – he of the Teenage Opera – released as by The Mood Mosaic.

It seems this was used as the theme music for a German TV show called Musikladen among others.

How sixties does this sound?

Mood Mosaic: A Touch Of Velvet – A Sting Of Brass

Not Friday on my Mind 42:- Sam

Keith West’s follow-up to Excerpt From “A Teenage Opera” was also inspired by that song’s creator Mark Wirtz but perhaps explains why the full project didn’t appear for nearly thirty years as it barely scratched the lower reaches of the charts. The similarities to the earlier hit are there but the song doesn’t cohere in quite the same way. The children’s chorus isn’t as catchy and the sequencing has more than a touch of the galloping hiccups (a complaint I have seen levelled against Bohemian Rhapsody.)

Keith West: Sam

Friday on my Mind 135: Excerpt From “A Teenage Opera”

I mentioned this song once before. Its singer Keith West also had an incarnation with the band Tomorrow.

The Teenage Opera from which this was an excerpt did not make its full appearance until thirty years or so later.

As you can imagine being named Jack and at school at a time when a song with the refrain “Grocer Jack” became a hit wasn’t an unalloyed joy.

Keith West: Excerpt From “A Teenage Opera”

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