Holiday and Things I Missed

I’ve been away for a holiday – on Orkney again – but the travelling had me knackered and I haven’t felt like blogging since I got back, though the posts I’d scheduled for the time I would be away seem to have listed okay.

In the interim Paula Rego, the Portugusee artist whom I mentioned here and who lived in England for a long time, has died.

Maria Paula Figueiroa Rego: 26/1/1935 – 8/6/2022. So it goes.

Also gone is Northern Ireland’s most successful football manager, Billy Bingham who took his country to the World Cup Finals not just once, but twice, in 1982 and 1986 and two British Home Championship wins in 1980 and 1984, the last edition of that tournament so that they still hold the title of British Champions. (Northern Ireland had only ever won the tournament outright once before.)

William Laurence (Billy) Bingham: 5/81931 – 9/6/2022. So it goes.

Not to mention longtime campaigner for nuclear disarmament, Bruce Kent.

Bruce Kent: 22/6/1929 – 8/6/2022. So it goes.

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