More From “A New Era”

There’s less than a week left of the “A New Era” Exhibition at the Modern Two Gallery of the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art.

I thought I’d post more of the delights to be found there.

The Sensation of Crossing the Street by Stanley Cursiter:-

the sensation of crossing the street

Heavy Structures in a Landscape Setting by William McCance:-

heavy structures in a landscape setting

Cartwheels by Eric Robertson:-


Women Singing at a Table by Keith Henderson (reminiscent of his “The Harbour Crowd” at that earlier exhibition):-

Women Singing at a Table

After the Storm Loch Tay by William McTaggart:-

After the Storm Loch Tay

Das Schloss by Thomas Nigel McIsaac:-

Das Schloss

Orchestral: Study in Radiation by William Watson Peploe:-

Orchestral: Study in Radiation

The same artist’s Souvenir de triangle rouge:-

Souvenir de triangle rouge

Untitled (aquarium) a sculpture by William Turnbull:-

Untitled (aquarium)

The identically titled painting is an odd experience. You can almost see the fish moving:-

Untitled (aquarium)

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