Painting With Light Again

At Kirkcaldy Galleries at the moment there is an exhibition of paintings by the group known as the Glasgow Boys. Subtitled “A Spirit of Rebellion” the exhibition is on until November.

The gallery is an excellent one with a fine permanent display including colourist works by Samuel Peploe and others and more than a few of William McTaggart‘s paintings.

This exhibition gave the gallery the opportunity to showcase more of its collection.

I was particularly struck, however, by a work by one of the “boys”, Thomas Corsan Morton, which was not in the exhibition but was in the gallery where the Peploes hang and which I do not recall seeing before in this more or less permanent display.

It is called “Sunny Woodlands” and unfortunately the reproduction below (taken from the ART UK site, formerly BBC Your Paintings) does not do it justice as it doesn’t convey the quality of the light emanating from the painting.

Sunny Woodlands by Thomas Corsan Morton

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  1. Peggy

    It’s beautiful and the light in the photo is exquisite, I can’t imagine how breathtaking it is in person.

  2. jackdeighton

    It is very striking. If it’s still on display next time you’re here you’ll be able to see it in the flesh!

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