Back in the Day

I was in a junk/second hand warehouse place today and spotted an issue of Goal magazine.

Thumbing through it I came across the Sons’ league placing that week in November 1973.

Eighth. In the top Division.

Those were the days, eh? I believe we finished tenth that season.

The previous Saturday’s results were given towards the end. Dumbarton 3-0 Motherwell.

The Sons team was given as Williams, C McAdam, Wilkinson, Menzies, Cushley, Ruddy, Coleman, Wallace, McCormack, Patterson, Heron. John Bourke came on as a sub for Peter Coleman and Johnny Graham for Brian Heron. Scorers were Heron, Bourke and McCormack.

I must have been at this match (I was a season ticket holder at the time) but confess I can’t really remember it. Unless that was the day John Bourke scored his first goal for the club which was a thumping header from a corner at the Turnberry End of Boghead.

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  1. Joyce Hart

    Hey, just wondered if you’ve ever done any family tree research. Sons’ manager at this relatively successful time, Alex Wright, had middle name Deighton – surname of his maternal grandmother. Also turns out Wright’s paternal line was from Dumbarton in the mid-1800s and his 2nd great-grandfather was buried in West Bridgend churchyard.

  2. jackdeighton

    Interesting stuff. Thanks. I didn’t know about Alex Wright’s middle name or any Deighton connection.
    I haven’t done any family tree research but the Deighton side of my family didn’t come from the Dumbarton area. They only moved there in the 1930s.
    Thanks also for looking in and commenting.

  3. Joyce Hart

    You’re welcome, Jack, good to connect. I hadn’t undertaken any genealogy until a few years ago; it’s amazing what you can find. I’ve a small family shareholding at DFC and when I came across your name on the website it made me wonder.

    Alex Wright’s ancestral connection to the Dumbarton area is on his Wright line not the Deightons.
    His Deighton connection dates back to Perthshire in the early-1800s. Many families from around Scotland (and Ireland) headed to Glasgow around the mid-1800s in search of work. There is often a common thread of Christian names and maternal surnames running through family generations. It could be significant if you find some familiar in those I’ve listed; here’s where my research has so far taken me –

    Alex Wright’s 3rd Great-Grandfather
    • Richard Deighton b.unknown; d.unknown; a horse breaker
    m. Betsy Ann Watt

    2nd Great-Grandfather
    • Thomas Deighton b.1819 ‘Perth Parish’; d.1881 Doris Cottage, Scone; a ship carpenter
    m.1839 Perth; to Betsy Ann Christison of Perth;
    children @ 1861 in ‘Perth Burgh’ – Thomas, Betsey, John, Ann

    • Thomas Deighton b.1853 Perth; d.unknown; an engine fitter.
    m.1877 Glasgow; to Helen Ronald Hamilton of Newton-on-Ayr
    children @ 1881 in Kinning Park, Glasgow – Annie, Hellen, Thomas

    • Helen Young Deighton b.1877 Glasgow; d.1953 Glasgow
    m.1897 Glasgow; to John William Joyce of Glasgow

    Of course, it may be nothing more than coincidence. Cheers

  4. jackdeighton

    Thanks again. you’ve done a fair bit of research there.
    The Deightons in my family came up from England to Glasgow in the late 19th century.
    Sadly all my family have now moved away from Dumbarton. I have, though, managed to infect my sons – especially the younger one – with the DFC supporting bug!

  5. Joyce Hart

    No problem. I thought you’d be interested if the connection had proved positive, so it was worth letting you know. I’m actually Alex Wright’s son – I know, I apologise for the deception, and he’d also pronounce Deighton as ‘ite’ not ‘ate’!
    Shame about the game yesterday; struggling a bit just now through not having had a settled selection for a while. Morton, conversely, are in good form and will trouble a lot of teams between now and the end of the season.
    Best wishes.

  6. jackdeighton

    Joyce, (??)
    My grandfather was the minister at St Augustine’s Episcopal Church in Dumbarton in the 1930s and 1940s which is where my affiliation to the town originated. From the biographical information you gave me it looks unlikely any of your family would have a connection.
    As far as the Sons are concerned I’ll be off to Oswestry at the weekend hoping for the best but fearing the worst; as ever.

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