Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen

Pittodrie Stadium is the home of Aberdeen FC.

Approach to Beach End Stand:-

Approach to Away Section – Not very prepossessing, what with the menacing metal fencing all round the approach:-

East Stand (Beach End.) Houses away fans:-

North (Main) Stand, houses the players’ changing rooms and home fans seating. The players’ tunnel is not as is usual in the centre but at the right hand end as you look at it here:-

West Stand. Home fans again:-

South Stand. In the photo Sons fans are nearest. This doesn’t give the impression of how many were there (600.) Beyond a fence, most of the stand was taken up with Aberdeen fans:-

Home fans embracing the insult and carrying an inflatable sheep/lamb. As well as the sheep there were loads of balloons in Sons colours of black, white and gold floating around during the Scottish Cup game on 8/3/14:-

Sons players applaud fans at end of game:-

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  1. Denis Cullinan

    Speaking of inflatable sheep, or moutons gonflables, as our French cousins would so stylishly put it, The Sun (which I’m told is a species of newspaper) is on top of the rubber-sheep news with this item—


  2. jackdeighton

    Yes, Denis.
    “Species of newspaper” is perhaps too generous.
    I suspect the “story” about inflatable sheep replacing kids as riders in a donkey derby due to safety rules was as true as anything else in The Sun, ie not true at all.

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