Mr Irresponsible Does it Again

I see our esteemed Prime Minister David Cameron (aka Mr Irresponsible) has put his foot in it again.

In what sort of a world can the UK be governed by a man who has no notion of the need to refrain from comment on trials or the people involved in them while they are still taking place?

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  1. Denis Cullinan

    Usian politics are another source of unending—ahr… Well, try to imaging that a huge syringeful of hydrofluoric acid is injected into one’s brain…well, the feeling you’d get is the unending thing that Usian politics would be a source of.

  2. jackdeighton

    From over here some of your politicians appear to be barking mad. Ours are just useless.
    I fail to see why (on either side of the pond) those who don’t believe that government is necessary seek to become elected.
    At least if they do stand for office they ought to know something about how society and the law actually work.

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