East End Park, Dunfermline

Dumbarton are due to play at East End Park, home of Dunfermline Athletic Football Club, on the 23rd, a week today. We last played there on Jan 5th when I took these photos.

The Pars, as they are known, are in financial trouble; so take a good look at these as they may become historical curios.

East End Park, Dunfermline, From North

Yes, there’s a cemetery over the wall from the ground. This is a stitch of two photos to get the whole ground in.

East End Park from Halbeath Road
From Halbeath Road.

East Stand, East End Park, Dunfermline.

East Stand. Not used, except for big matches. (Celtic and Rangers, then, or when the Pars play a decider against Raith Rovers. So not often.)

West (Norrie McCathie) Stand, East End Park, Dunfermline
Norrie McCathie Stand (West Stand; at far end.) Named for a former player. Home support.

North Stand, East End Park, Dunfermline
North Stand. Home support here too. (The cemetery is behind it.)

Main Stand, East End Park, Dunfermline, from away section
Main Stand. Away support in foreground, home support in bulk of stand.

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  1. bigrab

    A testament of course to the complete madness that was/is the SPL. A vanity project gone horribly wrong. 10,000 seater stadia in Airdrie, Maryhill, Kirkcaldy, Livingston, Dunfermline etc which haven’t hosted a capacity crowd amongst them and which are regularly less than a third and typically less than a fifth, full.

    I’m sorry for Dunfermline and their fans but they are just a less extreme version of Gretna. Paying too much to chase the impossible dream.

  2. jackdeighton

    Indeed, Rab.
    There are too many “bigger” clubs in a similar if not quite so perilous, position

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