Doomed Manager

Dead man walking, Craig Levein, has been punted as Scotland manager.

The only surprise was it took so long since the Belgium game.

However, as I said at the time, I doubt a change of manager will make much difference. I believe we would have ended up not bottom of our group (though not actually much higher.)

We are a small country on the periphery of Europe with no right to expect great things from our footballers. We are sadly at the moment in playing terms very impoverished. I can’t see a queue to take over forming.

To take one example Belgium has over twice as many people in its population as Scotland. They seem to have hit lucky with a set of good players all coming through at once. We can only wait for such riches.

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  1. GordyBrow

    I’m not really convinced he should have been sacked. As you say we really don’t have the playing staff to be achieving anything. That’s an issue that won’t be solved until youth coaching in this country gets proper reform. There’s still far too much emphasis on physicality in British youth coaching, which produces average players at best. Get them playing with the ball at their feet from a young age, stress the importance of passing and being calm on the ball and maybe then Belgium’s centre backs won’t be more technically gifted than every player in the Scotland team.

  2. jackdeighton

    We seem to be of one mind here, Gordon.

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