Scotland 3-1 Australia

Easter Road, Edinburgh, 15/8/12.

Thankfully I missed any sight of the Florida debacle in June when the USA humped us 5-1.

I only caught the highlights of this, where Scotland looked impressive enough. But I didn’t recognize many of the Australians so don’t know if it was a strong team or what.

Australia’s goal was a belter (almost literally.) Mark Bresciano couldn’t have hit it any more sweetly.

Jordan Rhodes caught the eye, great movement across the defender for his header from an excellent cross. The poor Aussie defender placed his header for the own goal beautifully. Ross McCormack got behind their defence too easily for the third but took it well.

Danny Fox’s crossing for the first two goals was good but he seems very one-footed. He won’t always have time like that.

Two World Cup qualifiers next month will be more nail-biting, I’m sure.

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