Bayern Munich 1-1 Chelsea (aet 1-1)

(pens 3-4)

Champions [sic] League [sic] Final, Allianz Arena, Munich, 19/5/12.

So a piss-poor team (who finished only 6th in their national championship) from a piss-poor league (whose top two were horsed in the knock-out stages of the Europa League [sic]) have become “Champions of Europe.”

If ever football at the top level showed itself as an emperor with no clothes this farrago did. Chelsea made very little effort to win this match. Had they done so they might have been worthy winners of the game, but what few attacking sorties they did make revealed them as capable of troubling the Munich defence if not of breaching it. But they had one attempt on target all game – and the keeper didn’t save it.

So it went to the travesty of penalties.

Frank Lampard at the end said, “We worked hard for this. We deserved it.”

No you didn’t deserve it, Frank. You finished second in your league last year. You shouldn’t have been in the competition at all.

And plenty people work hard and receive no reward for it.

Still Roberto De Matteo has worked wonders in the short time he’s been interim manager. If he gets the job full time though the problems with an ageing team and over-powerful players will remain. And they’ll all be a year older.

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