Spain 3-1 Scotland

José Rico Pérez Stadium, Alicante. 11/10/11

I didn’t see all this. I watched the early parts of the game in a pub in Cambridge and soon remarked to the good lady, “The game’s two minutes in and Scotland haven’t touched the ball yet.” It’s difficult to do well in a game when the opposition won’t let you near the ball. Spain’s touch and movement are simply superb.

The first goal was like water running through a grating; very little resistance. I missed the second as I was travelling back to the hotel. The third looked like curtains.

Still, the penalty animated the corpse a bit. David Goodwillie’s striker’s instincts (always go for goal) meant the possibility of 3-2 was spurned. But that would have been an injustice. Scotland were right royally humped. No disgrace when it’s by the best team in the world, though.

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