Scottish Names? Different Culture.

The good lady and I were watching something or other on the TV the other week and there was a character on who was supposed to be Scottish but was named Adrian. We both looked at each other and said, “Nuh. No chance.”

This reminded of the Eastenders character called Trevor. (You know the one, the wife beater who gave Little Mo such a hard time before she turned round and biffed him with an iron.) Quite apart from the stereotyping involved here – not all Scots are violent, wife beating psychopathic bastards after all – I have never, ever met a Scotsman called Trevor. I doubt that one exists. Imagine the time such a poor sod would have had at school with a given name like that.

Another example of the scriptwriters’ (and editors’) of Eastenders lack of understanding of Scotland came when Janine murdered Barry while up in Scotland for New Year. She brought his ashes back to “the Square” in an urn, having apparently managed to get him declared dead, and then cremated, sometime between Hogmanay and Jan 3rd. This was highly suspicious: but of course no-one in Eastenders noticed anything amiss.

Anyone who knows Scotland also knows such a feat is impossible. Such services shut down over that period. Jan 2 is a public holiday in Scotland, after all. I know from personal experience that funerals/burials/cremations etc cannot be arranged quickly at that time of year. Two years in a row I missed my first day back at work after the year end break due to attending funerals of people who had died between Christmas and New Year. The ceremonies didn’t – couldn-t – take place until the 6th or 7th at the earliest, mainly due to the backlog which builds up. Janine would have had to kill Barry before Christmas.

Just another small example of the lack of awareness the biggest part of the United Kingdom has for the customs of the smaller. (Don’t get me started on so called Bank Holidays; nor on complaints about Halloween being an import from America.)

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  1. Martin McCallion

    Totally with you on the Halloween thing. I’ve often told people down here of guising. And of course, the requirement for guisers to do something, not just turn up and accept gifts.

    There was a boy called Adrian in my class at primary school, though. I’m just trying to remember his last name. He might have been a blow-in from doon sooth, though. There was a girl called Amanda, which I think is about equivalent in female names, and she was English.

  2. bigrab

    Isn’t Trevor McDonald Scottish? He has a Scottish surname!

  3. jackdeighton

    So does David Cameron and he’s about as far from Scottish as you can get.
    I preferred Trevor McDoughnut anyway.

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