Reason To Be Cheerful

Let there be dancing in the streets of Raith!

Yesterday I signed and sent back a contract for a short story of mine to be published.

PS Publishing has accepted Osmotic Pressure for publication in its quarterly hardback anthology Postscripts (for the winter 2009/10 issue.)

I can’t emphasise how deeply chuffed I am with this. Not only is this my first sale for a while but Postscripts (the link is to the latest issue) is a prestigious publication with high production values and has previously published some seriously good writers. It is also a difficult market to crack. The website which lists outlets for writers’ work in effect says it’s not worth trying.

To be accepted, then, is reason enough to be cheerful.

There has also been no mention of amendments (nor of edits) needed to the story. The sale of a piece of short fiction has never before been so uncomplicated for me.

I’m not quite speechless, but close.
(I have of course polished it till it’s like a jewel.)



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  1. Ian Sales

    Congrats. There seems to be a few us that’ll be appearing in its august pages…

  2. Bigrab

    Congratulations Jack!

  3. Jim Steel

    Well done! I’m looking forward to reading it.

  4. MrH

    Dancing in the streets indeed.


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