My Dewey Decimal Classification

I picked this up from Ian Sales‘s blog.

Jack Deighton’s Dewey Decimal Section:
190 Modern western philosophy
Jack Deighton = 013145978054 = 013+145+978+054 = 1190

100 Philosophy & Psychology

Books on metaphysics, logic, ethics and philosophy.

What it says about you:
You’re a careful thinker, but your life can be complicated and hard for others to understand at times. You try to explain things and strive to express yourself.

Find your Dewey Decimal Section at

Is this the new horoscope then? It probably has as much (ie as little) validity.

I suspect they only have about six or seven different, “What it says about you” comments. I put in the good lady’s details and hers turned out exactly the same as mine!

Where do people get the ideas for creating this sort of stuff?



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  1. Onebrow

    There are thousands of similarly styled distractions on the internet, ranging from “Which Doctor are you?” to just about anything you can imagine.

    I think programmers (or rather web tech guys in this case) get a bit bored and create something they think is vaguely amusing.

  2. Jim Steel

    Hey, maybe it means that you’re a well-suited couple. It works!

  3. jackdeighton

    It’s opposites that are said to attract, Jim.

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