Meme: Where Was I When…..?

I’ve been tagged.
I gather this is some sort of bloggers’ chainletter. At least it’s not a pyramid scheme.
Won’t it run out soon? (Probably! see below.)

Princess Diana’s death – 31 August 1997
I was in bed, heard it on the radio, and my first thought was, “That’ll mean the TV’s all up the creek for today, then.” I was right – except it was for the week.
The country went collectively mad – or at least the media did. Whatever happened to restraint and the stiff upper lip?
What irked me most was that Scotland had a crucial World Cup qualifier unnecessarily delayed because of the funeral. Who has a funeral on a Saturday?
And all over a glorified clothes-horse. She seemed not to understand that (sadly as it happens) royal wives are nothing but baby machines. Katherine (I believe she doesn’t like being called Kate) Middleton, take note.

Margaret Thatcher’s That woman’s resignation – 22 November 1990
I think I was at work and someone came in and told me; but I could be confusing this with John Major’s resignation as Tory party leader (I accidentally typed praty there at first, how apposite) as I don’t think I believed it. It’s not that easy to get rid of the wicked witch is it?
(I know the above might sound sexist; but she really was an aggravating so-and-so and destroyed a large part of what made Britain great. Part of that destruction was that she ensured devolution would come to Scotland sooner rather than later.
I no longer live in the country I grew up in. It’s a harder, harsher, much more selfish place now. And that is a loss.)

Attack on the twin towers – 11 September 2001
Doctorvee, I was at home because I was ill. (I didn’t have another day off sick for over five years.)
The footage, of the second aeroplane sharking in (participle copyright Martin Amis) on looped repeat, seemed unreal. We’re so familiar with multiple camera angles that it somehow wasn’t convincing with only the one. It was the fires in the towers and their subsequent fall that hit me. (We did finally get footage from ground level of the planes hitting the towers.)
I never thought it could be an excuse for us co-invading a foreign country, though I had predicted in 1979 that our next war would be in the Middle East, over oil. (I was wrong about that because of the Falklands, but that wasn’t a war, oh no, that was a “police action.”)
Of course, Blair sent more troops overseas to more places than anyone since Churchill (who had, after all, had a bloody good reason.)

England’s World Cup Semi Final v Germany – 4 July 1990
What in the name of the wee man is this doing here?
We’re celebrating (ahem) a┬áside reaching a semi-final?
That sums up the England football team’s achievements away from home in a nutshell.
Anyway, I watched the game on TV and harrumphed derisively as the “greatest goalkeeper in the world” failed to manage to take a couple of steps backwards and then jump, as Germany scored. Lineker’s equaliser was a class act, though. Gazza’s tears? Big Jessie.
I was sad for Bobby Robson.

President Kennedy’s Assassination – 22 November 1963
At home, I don’t think the TV was on. My dad came in from the shop across the road – it was a Friday night, I know, because this was a family ritual on Fridays. (Don’t ask, I was a child.) The shopkeeper had told him Kennedy had been shot. We didn’t yet know he was dead.

I don’t really feel I know enough bloggers well enough to tag five and doctorvee’s bagged one of them in onebrow.
Big Rab
Simon Barrow
paul cockburn
Jim Steel
Sorry guys; you’re it.


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  1. Martin McCallion

    I’m interested in what you say about Scotland. As I’ve lived doon sooth these last twenty-one years, I’m surprised. I certainly don’t get that impression on my occasional visits back. Care to elaborate? In particular, do you see the “harder, harsher, much more selfish place” as being a direct result of devolution?

  2. jackdeighton

    No. It’s a direct result of Thatcher.
    I was thinking more of the UK than of Scotland in particular when I wrote that.
    Scotland is probably still a less harsh, less selfish place than England but it has moved more in that direction since I was young.
    The devolution comment was more about her effect on the Union which she professed to uphold; but her attitude could almost have been designed to undermine it.
    I have a post about Thatcher and the Tory Party in the planning.

  3. Bigrab

    Thanks pal!

    Will do it sometime this week – promise.

  4. Jim Steel

    Ditto. Will have it done as soon as I sort out my alibis.

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