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Another Stunning Picture From the Hubble Telescope

As seen in Astronomy Picture of the Day for 20/11/19.

Three galaxies colliding. The overall system is designated ARP 273.

ARP 273

Merging Galaxies

This is just beautiful.

From Astronomy Picture of the Day for 11/8/19.

A Hubble Telescope picture of two galaxies (NGC 3808A and NGC 3808B) merging:-

Galaxies NGC 3808A and NGC3808B

Tadpole Galaxy

From Astronomy Picture of the Day for 11/12/18.

A beautiful Hubble Telescope photo of the Tadpole Galaxy:-

Tadpole Galaxy

They could have nicknamed this something else but I suppose discretion prevailed.

Fly Through Orion

Courtesy of The Daily Galaxy (and the Hubble Telescope) plus some technological trickery here is a visual fly-through of the Orion Nebula in visible and infra-red light.

The Bubble Nebula

This NASA image made from assigning colours to three monochromatic photos taken through the Hubble Telescope was Astronomy Picture of the Day for 22/4/16.

Bubble Nebula

It almost looks like a living cell of some sort.

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