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Markt (The Market Square,) Bruges

Some photos of the Markt (Market Square) in Bruges:-

Markt (Market Square) in Bruges

Markt (Market Square) Bruges 2

The statue you can see in the above photo – a seat for tired tourists – is of Jan Breydel and Pieter de Coninck, two local heroes from the 14th Century:-

Statue in Markt, Bruges

These horse-drawn carriages were offering trips round the city. At €50 each we gave that a bye. Shanks’s pony is better for you anyway.

Horse Carriages in Markt, Bruges

I liked this compasstower. It has a Deco feel (rule of three in the windows) but I suspect it is much earlier:-

Clocktower, Markt, Bruges

The Provincial Court takes up one side of the square:-

Square in Bruges

On the square’s south side lies the Belfry of Bruges:-

The Belfry, Markt, Bruges

Alternate view of the Belfry from its courtyard:-

The Belfry, Bruges, Alternate View

Bruges, Smedenpoort

Bruges (Brugge) in West Flanders in Belgium is a lovely small city with great buildings.

We entered it through Smedenpoort, a gatehouse built over what looked like may once have been a moat:-

Smedenpoort, Bruges, a Gatehouse

Smedenpoort from the city side of the gate:-

Smedenpoort, Bruges, City Side

View to right from bridge seen above:-

Canal (Moat?) Bruges

View to left:-

Canal (Moat) from Smedenpoort Bridge, Bruges

The streets into the centre were festooned with banners. I couldn’t quite make out what they were displaying:-

A Street in Bruges

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