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Streets in Rye, East Sussex

View from Landgate:-

View From Landgate, Rye

Timbered House, Bellwatch Street:-

Timbered House, Bellwatch Street, Rye

Another timbered house with unusual projecting window:-

Timbered house, Rye

This house also had a projecting window:-

triangular window, Rye

Hilly streets:-

hilly street, Rye

Hilly Street, Rye, East Sussex

Street corner:-

Street Corner, Rye

Town Hall with St Mary’s Church Tower behind:-

St Mary's Church Tower + Town Hall (maybe)

Old Street by St Mary’s Church:-

Old Street by St Mary's Church, Rye

Mermaid Inn Arch:-

Mermaid Inn Arch, Rye

At the top of the hill is the High Street:-

High Street, Rye

One shopkeeper could not resist the obvious pun:-

Pocket Full of Rye, Rye

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