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Spiral Galaxy D100

From Astronomy Picture of the Day for 28/1/19.

A pretty astonishing structure emanating from said galaxy. A long tail of gas.

Spiral Galaxy D100

The gas has been stripped from the galaxy due to its passage through the hot gas in a cluster of galaxies.

The Sombrero as a Ring

From Astronomy Picture of the Day for 1/1/2019. The Sombrero Galaxy (also known as M104) in infra-red:-

Sombrero Galaxy in infra-red

That central portion is much less transparent in visible light – photo from Wikipedia:-

Sombrero Galaxy

NGC 1365

The image of galaxy NGC 1365 on Astronomy Picture of the Day for 28/12/18 is under copyright by Martin Pugh so I shan’t reproduce it here.

But I urge you to pop over via the link on the date.

Why does this remind me of a spider?

Ultima Thule

From Astronomy Picture of the Day for 3/1/2019.

Ultime Thule from 28,000 kilometres away. This object is 6.5 billion* kilometres from the Sun. Astounding that we can get to see this.

Ultima Thule

As the pictures continue to stream in they’ll be even better I’m sure.

*(I assume that’s 65,000,000,000 not 65,000,000,000,000.)

Earthrise: Reconstruction

From Astronomy Picture of the Day for 23/12/18. A video reconstruction of the famous Earthrise, photographed by Apollo 8’s astronauts, fifty years ago today.

Tadpole Galaxy

From Astronomy Picture of the Day for 11/12/18.

A beautiful Hubble Telescope photo of the Tadpole Galaxy:-

Tadpole Galaxy

They could have nicknamed this something else but I suppose discretion prevailed.

Another Cubic Asteroid

This one is 101955 Bennu as featured in Astronomy Picture of the Day for 13/11/2018 and photographed by the Origins, Spectral Interpretation, Resource Identification, Security, Regolith Explorer aka (OSIRIS-REx) on its mission to map the asteroid’s surface.

The video collapses Bernnu’s 4.25 hour day into 7 seconds:-

Space Jellyfish

It’s amazing what some of the images from Astronomy Picture of the Day resemble.

This one is from 20/10/18. The halo round the Cat’s Eye Nebula. I’ve not reproduced it here for copyright reasons but click on the link to see it.

To me it looks like a jellyfish.

The central nebula itself, NGC 6543, looks like this in X-ray and visible light:-

Cat's Eye Nebula

Solar Prominence

From the Solar Dynamic Observatory spacecraft via Astronomy Picture of the Day for 10/10/2018.

Filmed in ultraviolet light, a solar prominence almost looping the loop:-

NGC 1672

Another lovely picture from Astronomy Picture of the Day, this time from 9/10/18.

Barred spiral galaxy NGC 1672:-

NGC 1672

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