Falkirk 6-2 Dumbarton

SPFL Tier 3, Falkirk Stadium, 8/1/22.

This just gets worse and worse. They hadn’t won for about as long as – or even longer than – us. Yet we were one down in 8 minutes, two in 13 and three by half-time.

It was four just after the restart and then – mirabilis – we actually scored. And then got a penalty to reduce the deficit by one more.

Normal service resumed by full time with those other two goals against.

Falkirk have been gash all season. We are obviously gasher.

There’s a feeling of dreadful inevitability about all this.

It looks like we are on for the Lowland League in two seasons’ time.

Something needs to change. And soon. Or the club may not even make it to its 150th anniversary in December. We’re not going to attract fans with runs and results like this.

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