Local Wildlife

Son of the Rock Acres overlooks what remains of the grounds of the former Balbirnie Estate, indeed it is built on part of it, though half th eoriginal estate is now a golf course.

A group of deer lives on and around the estate. Sometimes they even run across the access road.

A deer in a copse nearby. You can just spot its rump if you look carefully:-

A Deer

I managed to get a bit closer. The deer are not easily startled unless someone comes along with a dog:-

Deer's Rump

Deer in Trees

Trees and Deer

Occasionally the modern world intrudes. There is main road to or so hundred yards away but the noise is muted by intervening houses. Not so the helicopters which have been known to land at the hotel to which the big house (Balbirnie) has been converted. Nor the odd gyrocopter/microlight:-

A Gyrocopter/microlight

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