Livinston 2-3 Dumbarton

SFL Div 1, Almondvale Stadium, 9/2/13

6-6 between these teams over two games in a week and honours even. At least a win each has garnered us more points than two draws would have done, which was important in a week when Cowdenbeath got back to winning ways again.

It does mean we’ve now beaten seven out of the other nine teams in the division and there should be no fears. The two we haven’t defeated are Dunfermline and Raith. We get the chance over the second of those on Saturday coming. I’ll be able to walk to that one.

Pity Mark Gilhaney got himself sent off but we held on with ten men to get the result. Not good news about Jamie Ewings breaking his jaw either.

I wasn’t there; I decided it would be too cold to sit around for an hour and a half (with intermission.)

I went to an Antiques Fair instead. We’d have gone to that before travelling to Livi anyway but it’s just as well I’d opted not to go to the game as we were there till after 3 o’clock even though I bought nothing and the good lady only a book and some buttons.

We lead an exciting life……

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