Bully Boys?

On Saturday, in the Scottish Cup, Rangers (the new Rangers) have been drawn to play Dundee United in Dundee.

Rangers chief executive has refused to accept their ticket allocation for the game, apparently agreeing with fans that Dundee United as a club was more involved than others in denying Rangers a continuing place in the SPL over the summer.

Set aside the fact that the only club to blame for the new club’s predicament is actually the old Rangers, but isn’t this the sort of throwing its weight about that so many associate with the old Rangers, the seignorial attitude to other clubs which in no small part led to them being cut little, if any, slack when they went belly up? (It is also a kind of cutting off your nose to spite your face as surely Rangers will find it more difficult to get a result in the game if their fans are absent.)

Reading between the lines it seems there are other clubs whom Rangers fans similarly blame for their present plight, so is this stance to be repeated on every away game if – when – Rangers gain promotion to the top flight?

If it is, perhaps the words of the “traditional” and now controversial Rangers supporters’ song ought to be changed to, “Hello! Hello! We are the bully boys.”

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