Airdrie Utd 1-2 Dumbarton

SFL Div 1, New Broomfield, 19/1/13

I looked at the temperature forecast for Airdrie for yesterday and decided I didn’t want to freeze my backside off for two hours and pay for the privilege. Plus if I had gone it might have jinxed us.

This was a “mustn’t lose” which we didn’t lose!

An Airdrie win here would have severely dented our progress. As it is the good work involved in beating teams at the top of the league in previous weeks hasn’t been put to naught by a failure to beat the team we most needed to. We’re now level on points and goal difference. And we’ve hauled in Cowdenbeath.

How long this run can last I don’t know: but long may it continue. Our next three games are against teams with a bit of form, though.

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