Starbucks, Amazon, Google and Tax

Sounds like a firm of lawyers doesn’t it?

The above three firms are under fire for not paying very much in the way of Corporation Tax despite apparently making large amounts of money in the UK. (That this situation is entirely within tax law surely means the law is askew. Profits made in the UK ought to be taxed here and not be allowed to be shifted elsewhere. Most employees in this country cannot esacpe PAYE so why ought companies be able to avoid Corporation Tax? But this isn’t my point.)

I have heard it suggested that such firms ought not to be pursued too vigorously for tax purposes as that might have an impact on the jobs they provide.


Seriously: will Amazon give up on the UK market place if they were to be taxed more fairly? Will Google? Will Starbucks? To ask this question is perhaps to provide an answer. If they do turn their backs on the UK then they can – they will – be replaced by firms with more socially responsible attitudes to the country they are taking money out of.

The least a company extracting profit from a jurisdiction in which they operate can do is to adequately recompense the polity which allowed them that opportunity.

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