Failing Hearts

So Heart of Midlothian FC may be playing its last game on Saturday.

This could be the consequence of a winding-up order by Her Majesty’s Inspector of Taxes – or the Inland Revenue as it was once called.

It’s not the first time Hearts have been down this road and it has several times in the last few seasons not paid its players on time but up to now the club has always managed to find funds from somewhere despite its owner, Lithuanian Vladimir Romanov, trying to offload the club (without any success.)

The club web site has put out a plea for fans to buy shares and attend the next home game (and also, somewhat contradictorily if a demise is imminnent, buy tickets for subsequent ones) to get round the immediate problem.

This must be scary stuff for Hearts fans. But if it’s so apocalyptic who in their right mind would buy shares? That could be throwing good money away.

Go to the games certainly – that’s merely what a fan might be doing anyway – but a wider investment?

It’s a cruel irony that Hearts main shirt sponsor is the betting firm Wonga.

I do hope those Rangers fans who wanted demotion (actually elevation since their club no longer existed) to Div 3 so that Premier Div clubs would suffer “without us to keep them going” don’t get their wish.

I’ll be supporting my club on Saturday (at Cowdenbeath.) I urge all Hearts fans – especially armchair ones – to do the same for theirs.

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