Dumbarton 3-2 Ayr United

League goals against predictor:- 130

SFL Div 2, The Rock, 6/11/10

League goals for predictor:- 18.

Way-Hay! Into double figures for points.

I hope we haven’t used up all our season’s luck in two games. That’s the second home fixture in a row we’ve had opponents sent off.

From the accounts on Pie and Bovril it seems Grindlay had a good few saves. Well he always used to make some of those; it’s the bread and butter stuff and the crosses he messes up. And he still didn’t keep a clean sheet.

But we were missing Ben Gordon – not that he’s been outstanding this season.

A welcome three points though. Being in contact with those above us is always a good thing.

Next weekend is free of worry. It’s not a league game.

We’ll be able to concentrate on the league after it, though.

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