Season Of Mists

The past couple of weeks car windows in my street have had condensation on them when I left the house. This doesn’t usually happen in August.

This morning (1st Sep) bang on cue the first mist of the autumn was hanging around. I’d have called it a haar but it persisted all the way to Dunfermline; haar usually only lies close to the coast and Dunfermline tends to avoid it.

Whether this presages another bad winter like last year I don’t know. I do know it’s not usually so cold so early.

The tree at work I have mentioned before is showing its autumn colours again. Mind you, it wasn’t looking too green even in June.

Winter woollies, then.

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  1. Onebrow

    Around my end we’ve had mist a few times over the past few weeks. Admittedly yesterday was much worse though. I was lost in a sea of fog most fo the way from Alloa – Perth. Fortunately Dundee seemed to escape unscathed.

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