Dumbarton 0-3 Cowdenbeath

League goals against predictor:- 105

The Rock, 19/9/09

Out of an irrational sense of optimism I checked the scores at half time. Fatal mistake.

So what parody of a defence did we play this week?

You can’t keep giving teams three goals of a start – especially at home – and hope to do well.

I’m searching desperately for positives to take but there are none.

Promotion has definitely been a poisoned chalice.

I’m just away to slit my wrists…



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  1. bigrab

    Jack our defence look like Reeves and Mortimer doing one of their silly routines. The first two goals yesterday were absolute gifts. The third was exactly the kind of goal you lose when you’re 2-0 down and struggling.

    We’re rubbish.

    I haven’t yet lost faith in Jim maybe turning things around but something dramatic is required.

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