Back To Work

I don’t know why it is but I always seem to have less time for doing stuff when I am on holiday.
Partly this is because I set the alarm for later and tend to have a lie-in (note: this is never called a lay-in, even the tin-eared do not say that) beyond the time it goes off.
I also relax and mooch around a bit.

It’s worse at Christmas and New Year, though, because the time always gets taken up, by last minute shopping, making sure we have enough milk and bread etc for the two days the supermarkets are closed for – only one day over New Year this year, surprisingly – and visiting family and the like.

So today it was back to work and it didn’t feel like I’d had a holiday at all. (I’m not asking for sympathy; I know shop workers had even less time off than me.)

On a cheerier note, the sky was brightening when I left the house, not something I could say was true of any time in December, so the mornings are certainly progressing in the right direction.
It was icy underfoot, though, not a typical occurrence outside Son Of The Rock towers. it had warmed up by the time I got home but tonight looks icy again.

It also snowed during the day in Dunfermline, but only a little. This made the surroundings brighter and cheerier. All that white on the rooftops seemed clean, somehow, and the air was clear. I could almost feel summer a-coming in.

(I suspect a lot more postponements between now and then though. They will cost us.)

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