Temper With Caution

So, a historic result. Americans can rightly be proud of electing Obama, which even ten years ago would have been unthinkable. And, should the worst happen to him, at least Joe Biden isn’t Sarah Palin.

But better not hope for too much. The problems the new President will face will be considerable and it’s entirely possible that the present incumbent will do things to make them even worse until he finally steps down in January.

And, while much the better of the two main options on offer Obama is still an American politician; not of the left, just to the left of right, and unlikely to change America very much. Britain’s experience of an apparent leftward shift in 1997 didn’t change much on the surface.

Still if Obama shuts down Guantanamo and stops extraordinary rendition, not to mention torture, the world will be a better place. Much less likely, though desirable, will be to extricate from Iraq without it blowing up.

But the financial crisis may top the lot. Is he another FDR? America and the world might need one.



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