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Dumbarton 1-4 Queen of the South

Scottish League Cup* Group E, The Rock, 20/7/19


This isn’t looking good, is it?

I know they’re a division above us but still. Annan drew with them in midweek after all – and Annan aren’t very good.

I hate to think how many Motherwell will put past us on Tuesday night.

*Betfred Cup.

League Cup Fixtures

The dates for the four* games Sons will play in next season’s League Cup have been announced.

July 13th Annan Athletic away,
July 17th Morton away,
July 20th Queen of the South at home,
July 23rd Motherwell at home.

It’s an odd sequence; with two away games followed by two home ones.

*We won’t be going beyond four.

League Cup Draw

Gosh. These things come round quickly.

Sons have been drawn against Motherwell, Morton, Queen of the South and Annan Athletic.

The games are to be played between July 13th and 27th. No other details as yet.

Dumbarton 0-1 Queen of the South

SPFL Tier 2, The Rock, 10/3/18.

Well, this is becoming depressing.

Another home game, another 1-0 defeat. No leage goal since Boxing Day (and none in the two games before that.)

And it seems we missed a penalty.

If we didn’t have a Cup final to look forward to things would be bleak indeed.

And it seems Froxy is unavailable for that due to a Cyprus call-up. Gloom all round.

Queen of the South 0-0 Dumbarton

SPFL Tier 2, Palmerston Park, 2/1/18.

Not a disaster, but a win would have been nice.

At least we’re now two wins ahead of Falkirk again after them clawing three points back on us on Saturday.

St Mirren 0-1 Dumbarton

SPFL Tier 2, St Mirren Park, 2/12/17.

What a welcome – and unexpected – three points.

Mind you we’ve apparently played quite well the past few weeks – certainly did at Dunfermline – and with St Mirren having gone down to ten men just before half-time I would have been disappointed not to take anything from the game. But I’d have snatched your hand off for three points before it started.

I was reduced to listening to the radio in the car for snippets and was increasingly worried we wouldn’t score in the second half but Tom Walsh came up trumps and – marvel of marvels – we held out for the win. (If only we’d done that in the past two games we’d only be below Queen of the South* on goal difference.)

Too early to get carried away though but surely we needn’t fear anybody in this league.

Down to earth with a bump next week?

*Edited to add: And Dunfermline, and only a point below Morton! I was only looking at 6th place when I originally posted.

Dumbarton 2-2 Queen of the South

SPFL Tier 2, The Rock, 28/11/17.

I suppose a point against a team above us is not to be sniffed at but that’s two games in a row now we’ve failed to see the game out from a winning position. Then again we’re part-time and they’re full-time and we ussually don’t do as well in midweek fixtures.

It was good to see Greg Morrison get his name on the score sheet. He’s looked a bit lacking in confidence recently. A goal should help with that.

Pity Inverness C T thumped Brechin though. A draw there wouldn’t have been a calamity.

Since they’re top of the league I’m not expecting anything from Saturday’s game at St Mirren.

Queen of the South 1-0 Dumbarton

SPFL Tier 2, Palmerston Park, 19/8/17.

Ah well. That’s the unbeaten record in the league gone then.

I had always thought we would struggle for a result here since we played a game only 65 hours beforehand. And they had a few of our ex-players in their ranks – which usually means they’d score. The damage was only one goal though.

And amazingly, due to results elsewhere we actually moved up a place in the table.

Football’s a funny old game.

Looks like a tough one next week against the team that’s now second.

Football and the Bible

There is only one football team named in the bible.

Such is the claim anyway.

The relevant quote comes from Matthew 12.42:-

“The queen of the south shall rise up in the judgment with this generation, and shall condemn it:”

Notch one up for Dumfries’s finest.

In my present reading, Walter Scott’s The Heart of Mid-Lothian (which itself by way of a dance hall provided the name for another football team,) there is much talk of religion and quotation from the Bible. An explanatory note had this reference from Proverbs 17.3 which casts doubt on the declaration in the first paragraph of this post:-

“The fining pot is for silver, and the furnace for gold; but the Lord trieth the hearts.”

Granted the relevant noun would need to be capitalised to make the abbreviation truly apposite but then so does the QoS one. At any rate I’m sure many Jambos (see nicknames in the link’s sidebar) would concur with the sentiment.

Dumbarton 4-2 Queen of the South

SPFL Tier 2, The Rock, 12/4/16.

Football’s an odd game and this one was certainly an example. Hardly started when their keeper made an absolute hash of a kick-out, hitting it straight to Christian Nade who strode forward with the ball, shot while still well outside the penalty box and buried it.

A nice settler you’d think in such an important game but we promptly fell out of it allowing Queens too much space and time. But still Garry Fleming could have settled nerves further if he’d put away the chance that came to him but the keeper redeemed himself a little with a good save. Jamie Ewings performed the needful on a one-on-one but only delayed the inevitable. The atmosphere was strangely quiet, the crowd perhaps too nervous to make much noise – except when the stand-side linesman made a ludicrous decision to award a throw-in the wrong way after a ricochet.

Still, Queens’ pressure gradually built up then Ian Russell did what he has done against us ever since he left. Quite why he was given the space at the edge of the box to pick up a headed clearance is another thing entirely.

Then what should have been a body blow when they cut through us just before half-time to take the lead. I couldn’t see us getting anything from the game at that point.

But a few minutes into the second half the match had turned on its head. First Tom Walsh cut out a pass near their penalty area, beat the last defender and curled a beauty high past the keeper into the top corner. In our next foray upfield Christian Nade got his head to a Mark Docherty corner and scored. (It may have bounced off a defender’s back on the way in.)

That same stand-side linesman failed to make a decision at all after a Queens player had got a nick on a crossfield pass and a Queens player took it on himself to take the throw. The ref put his whistle to his lips as if to amend things but didn’t. What are these guys paid for?

It was all still a bit nervous with not much goalmouth action but with five minutes to go after another corner Greg Buchanan was attempting an overhead kick when he was bumped in mid-air and the ref gave the penalty. (It looked a bit six and half a dozen to me but I’ll take it.) Garry Fleming tucked the award away. 4-2. Breathless stuff.

That’s the first time this season we’ve scored more than three in a league game. Timely indeed.

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